We are creators of Augmented Reality experiences based in Manchester, UK. Creating unforgettable experiences around your products, locations, business aims, for education, training or just for fun


Amaze, Engage and Delight your audience with Augmented Reality technology. Bring static products to life, add interactivity and even go large with our multi-person 7D projected experiences. AR experiences will make your products and brand stand out from the rest, and remain in the memory of your audience longer.

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Communicate with your audience in new, interactive and engaging ways. Bring complex data to life, add animated 3d instructions to flat 2d manuals and let potential buyers try your products on site, giving them confidence in their purchases.

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Add a new dimension to learning through augmented reality. See flat pages jump to life, explore and interact with life-size recreations of historical, futuristic, real, extinct and imaginary objects, creatures and places. Bring planets down to the size of your hand, and expand a single cell to the size of a room. The possibilities are limitless.

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Train & Assess

Overlay instructions and diagnostics on to real-world objects, show crucial data feeds in real-time from web-enabled services to help understanding and knowledge retention. Overlay tests and assessments on real-world objects, and record results automatically. Step away from book-and-paper based training, and bring it into the real world.

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Augmented Reality offers many new opportunities to excite, engage and retain your audience, and at Attract AR we specialise in understanding how it can work best for your business, driving real, measurable benefits and strong returns on investment.

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